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    Cleaning Dock Lines

    Just curious if anyone cleans there dock lines annually?

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    Re: Cleaning Dock Lines

    Stick them in the washer add soap, bleach and let it run.


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    Re: Cleaning Dock Lines

    Yup we use laundry detergent then use fabric softener!
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    1967 34C

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    Re: Cleaning Dock Lines

    Same here...laundry, soap, and fabric softener...
    "Saraswati" - 1980 53MY
    Galesville, MD

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    Re: Cleaning Dock Lines

    We use quite a few lines on the dive boat as well as all the dock lines on both boats. When they start to get stiff or beat up I throw them in the washer same thing as above. I'll give it two runs with fabric softner after the washing. Almost all the time I'll get another season or two out of a line I had debated tossing. Bill
    Bill Allen 1973 43 dc
    Brielle N.J.

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    Re: Cleaning Dock Lines

    DO NOT USE BLEACH WITH NYLON LINES. fabric softener yes, detergent yes, no bleach

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