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    Boat washing - water softeners

    A while back I posted a question re using the water softeners that are advertised to reduce water spotting and rinse salt more effectively from the boat. Thought I'd now provide my own input to that question that might be useful to others.

    On our trip to the Chesapeake we overnighted at Cape May. After taking hard spray OVER the flybridge for 12 hours from NY harbor to CM, the boat was pretty much salt-caked! There were several good-sized sport fishers there and all of them had one of those systems for washdown. I asked and they all swore by them. So I went into the marina store there and bought one. They happened to carry the
    stain-less brand http://www.stainlesswaterfilters.com/ but they are all the same.

    These things are great - made a major difference in how easily the salt and other grunge was removed. I suppose it might not help if the water you use is already very soft but compared with what I was used to, it's like night and day. I have also found that a lot of folks at the marina in the Chesapeake have them as well.

    I tested it using the taste test! Previously, after much rinsing with unsoftened FW, I could rub my finger against a portion of the boat, taste the water and find it still salty with salt residue still on the boat. With the softner, it doesn't happen - the salt's gone. It really does rinse far better than untreated water and also greatly reduces water spotting.

    I was impressed! That being said, they are pretty expensive for just a PCV tube w/resin and a separate filter. I'm sure one of these could be made for next to nothing. But in any case, I recommend one for boat washing!

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    Re: Boat washing - water softeners

    You don't have to use a chamois cloth or mop to get the standing water off after using a water softener. Unsoftened water will usually leave water spots all over the boat and glass due to the minerals in the water.

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    Re: Boat washing - water softeners

    One of those units came with the purchase of my boat. Would you know how to back flush it to clean the resin? Do you ever have to do anything with the resin or add salt like on a home water softener?

    Mine didn't come with a separate filter, but I'm planning on adding it. Does it go before the softener or after? What micron filter should go in the housing?

    Thanks for your help.
    Larry Kaplan
    Former Owner of
    1980 60' Sportfish

  4. Re: Boat washing - water softeners

    And what is the cost for one of these units ??? Here in Jacksonville, our water is so hard we have to hit it with a hammer before using....
    Charlie Freeman
    "No Dial Tone"
    1973 43' DCMY
    Fernandina Beach, Fl

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    Re: Boat washing - water softeners

    I paid $399 at the Cape May marina for the Stainless "standard" size model. I'm sure they can be bought cheaper through the internet.

    If you go to the website I posted on my first message, it will show their different models and also, under the "operation" tab, explain recharging.

    Every brand of these things looks exactly the same - prefilter and resin-filled tube of various sizes - so I'm sure they all function/recharge the same way. You need the filter assembly at least for recharging - it's what you put the salt in for reverse flushing/recharging the resin tube. I have to admit, I don't really see what the filter does in normal operation - maybe the point is to keep the resin from clogging up with grunge? Makes sense I guess...

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    Re: Boat washing - water softeners

    I don't know why it needs to be stainless. There are other companies that produce similar units all made of PVC. One is called soft spot. It is used horizontal. There is another one that is mounted vertical. The cost of each is about the same. It depends on how big the unit is, gallons of usage before a recharge. The 300 gallon unit requires 5lbs of salt per recharge. I have been trying to buy a vertical unit off EBay, but the guy that has it keeps jacking around the price. You can never find the minimum bid and he keeps relisting it. He claims to be a dealer. I would get one if there was a buy it now. I would like to mount it inside the boat and the 4"dia X 36"long type takes up to much room.


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    Re: Boat washing - water softeners

    Stainless (Stain Less) is just the brand name, not the material they are made of. They are PVC, just like everyone elses.

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