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    Mohawk Boat Company in Amsterdam, NY?

    Anybody know anything about the Mohawk Boat Company that used to be in Amsterdam, NY? I found a nearly completey restored 1958 14' runabout that looks like it would be a PERFECT river runner but know nothing of the brand.

    "Saraswati" - 1980 53MY
    Galesville, MD

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    Re: Mohawk Boat Company in Amsterdam, NY?

    You could try looking here:


    They have a lot of info on things of that vintage.
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    Re: Mohawk Boat Company in Amsterdam, NY?

    Don't confuse Mohawk with Tomahawk. The Mohawk's were prone to de lamination especially at the chine. The Tomahawk's were solid boats.

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    Re: Mohawk Boat Company in Amsterdam, NY?

    Thanks, I'll bring a rubber mallet to the sea trial on Thursday. But based on the owner's words, there is no delamination or rot. he said he bought it and restored it with his son and it was to be his son's boat, but his son moved away and hasnt used it much recently (2-3x last year). Almost fully "restored" other than the lights needing to be rechromed, and the outboard is older and not rebuilt but runs good. But we know sellers lie, so the proof will come Thursday.
    "Saraswati" - 1980 53MY
    Galesville, MD

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