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Thread: Carpet Question

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    Re: Carpet Question

    I did mine a year ago. I have a 41c and have teak and holley in the galley and head. I also have a little bit in the salon. I made a template of the salon area and the 2 staterooms. Went to the carpet store and picked out some nice carpet, gave him the template and he cut it all out and seamed an edge all around the borders. I have access to one small engine room hatch that is also seamed with a border. If I need full access to the engines, I just roll it up. No need to attach it to the floor, it lays very nice. I paid him 550 to do it. (material, seaming, cutting, everything). If I need to do a deep clean, I just roll it up and take it home. A guy down the marina from me paid 1800 for new carpets from cabo on his 35c (from the cabo parts dept). It has a black "non skid" type backing, but that was the problem with the original carpets, the black material on the bottom was constantly flaking off and getting everywhere. The only kicker to this is that the carpet will only come back as good as the template. Make sure you take your time, note the way you want the carpet pattern (pile) to lay and keep it consistent throughout the boat. Make plenty of notations on the templates. Also be aware that the paper you make the templates with. It may expand or shrink a tiny bit with temp and humidity. I have seen it done many ways, but I would not do it any differently than I explained it here. It makes for a fine, professional, and easily removable floor. And if you ever need to do it again, it is as simple as pulling it out and using the old carpet as the new template.

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    Re: Carpet Question

    A word about making templates:

    My Father taught me a great way to make templates that are spot on. You first lay out the paper and get some blue tape and tape it in place. Use a long, good, flexible, straight edge and place it against the wall. Make your line against the straight edge. After you have gone around the entire room, pick up the paper and move it to a place where you can either relay the straight edge on the paper and trace the other side of the straight edge. This is usually done with 2 people so you can get the curves right. Makes for a great template, with nice lines. Which is exactly what you want for carpet.

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    Re: Carpet Question

    The "plastic" carpet is known as(and made out of) Olefin. The fibers are colored plastic not dyed, other materials like nylon and polyester are white then dyed later. The problem is when that drunk girl spills her two buck chuck on nylon or poly it gets dyed again, with Olefin it is not an issue (other than alcohol abuse). There are two basic styles of carpet, looped pile (berber, commercial)and cut pile (plush) or a combination of the two. In a boat I would not use a cut pile olefin, they are more likely to get wear patterns because in tight spaces we tend to step in the same places all of the time. I would recommend a looped pile olefin for better wear and wider veriety of colors and patterns.
    The PO put looped pile nylon in mine and it works well and has a lot of colors to hide stains. If you find a nylon or poly that you really like I wouldnt rule it out, the newer stuff is pretty good unless you go with a solid light color. Oh yea, one thing to keep in mind about Olefin, it is tiny strands of plastic, anything that eats plastic will eat it.
    As far as the labor, grab your ankles......its gonna hurt! Your best bet would be to ask around and see who has done other boats and that the owners are happy. Better yet, I would go to a well known mom and pop type retail carpet store and get them to do the labor and material. If you buy the carpet then get someone else to put it in or you do it yourself, one wrong cut and it is back to the store for another order of carpet. Whereas the store (a good one)that does the whole job will give you a price and if they screw up it is on them.
    Another thing to consider is to put that blue tape on outside corners and door jambs, the backing most commonly used is like 80 grit sand paper. In tight spots it can screw up some trim.

    PS, I almost forgot the most important thing to remember about carpet......FUZZY SIDE UP!....lol

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    Re: Carpet Question

    Quote Originally Posted by Northcott View Post
    I used a carpet that is actually made of plastic. I will call the decorator and get the name.

    It has had red wine, Jello shots, coffee spilled on it and it ALL just comes right out. If you need to, you can clean it with Bleach. Yes, that is right! Plus it will not absorb any water so I was able to use the same carpet in the Salon and the aft deck for one continuous look.

    Well my first thought was sounds like a FUN boat to be on

    The hatch thing has always been a PITA and I hate the s.s edging.
    I found a nice pile that has a white fabric on the back they say it is to stop strecthing. Well it seems to stop fraying also so I just cut the hatch opening and then added velcro around the edge. I use a padding up to the edge of the velcro so that you dont see the bump from it. The center hatch is hinged and I open and close and everything stays put and no fraying and its been about 4 years now. I pull the carpet up every winter and then just stick it back in place no staples no fuss!
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    Re: Carpet Question

    I discovered (but have yet to use) a carpet edging from SAILRITE.COM which glues on. Not cheap $100 / 50 ft roll but the video looks good and for DIY it might be a good thing.

    The existing off white carpet is showing its age and I am getting tired of cleaning up black oil spots. (Prestone hand cleaner followed by water and a shop vac does do a good job)

    I like a roll up carpet for ER access and am thinking about putting down a wood perimeter and an off white roll up carpet to keep things from getting too dark. It would save all the cut outs around the 5 ER hatches.

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    Re: Carpet Question

    This is an area I can offer some expert advice on as your resident polymer chemist.

    First, a quality carpet almost never needs to be replaced because it wore out. It usually is stained or matted down, faded or a different color is wanted. Natural fibers and nylon are the worst for staining and fading. The olefins will do well on staining and soil release but rarely are plush.

    My favorite fiber is polyester because it releases dirt and stains well and has less tendency to matt. That said, the best that I’m aware of is relatively new polyester from DuPont made of 3GT fiber. The trade name begins with an ‘S’ but I’m having a senior moment. 3GT provides good wear resistance, excellent stain release and great clean ability. I’ve had it on Chateau de Mer for nearly three years of full time living aboard and have not yet cleaned it except to remove wine and coffee spills with a damp paper towel, even after they dried. Mine is an off white.

    Three years ago DuPont only sold it to one major carpet maker, but that may have changed. Now as to grade of carpet, buy the highest fiber weight and the shortest fiber height and be sure it is a three twist or better. That will give the best in matt resistance. Home Depot had the best grade when I bought mine. The other carpet dealers only seemed to be able to get the lighter weights. If you will use a carpet pad, but a good dense one, again not real thick or it will be two soft when you need your best footing in a sea way.

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  7. Re: Carpet Question

    For what its worth, I have a 36' Convertible, so the entire salon is engine room hatches. The PO installed a piled carpet that came in about 18" X 18" tiles. The tile edges are not striaght, but a curve pattern. They lay together very nice, and cannot see the seams (unless looking for them). The nicest thing is, being able to pull up the section(s) needed when access is needed. Also provides a noticable noise insullation when it is laid in place. This has been the only thing stopping me from replacing it with a wood laminate product, although the first mate is pushing for it. The carpet has a built-in foam padding on the back, (similar to the roll carpet Lowes was selling a few years ago that didnt require padding, stretching or gluing, just double sided tape). I can provide a picture if you would like.

    Good Luck

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    Re: Carpet Question

    Quote Originally Posted by bobk View Post
    This is an area I can offer some expert advice on as your resident polymer chemist.

    Chateau de Mer
    1981 Series I MY
    And I can attest to the beauty of Bob's boat and interior. The carpet didn't look a day over a month old. It looked just as it had been laid recently. And felt really nice underfoot.
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    Re: Carpet Question

    Quote Originally Posted by Vincentc View Post
    The existing off white carpet is showing its age and I am getting tired of cleaning up black oil spots. (Prestone hand cleaner followed by water and a shop vac does do a good job)
    I use break cleaner and a paper towel - takes it right off of the white wool carpet. Also great for the shoes on the way out of the engine room.

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    Re: Carpet Question

    I have a nice pile carpet in the salon and all three staterooms. It's stiff enough that it's simply layed down and can be rolled up to expose hatches. It is a bit of a pita in the salon because of heavy furniture. But, with the hatch in the galley bulkhead, I don't use the salon deck hatches very often. I wouldn't hesitate to DIY.

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