Hull ID Information

All boats built after November 1972 by Hatteras have a twelve character “Hull Identification Number” as a means of identification required by the Coast Guard and Federal Regulations.
When ordering replacement parts for your boat, it is very helpful if you know the HIN (Hull Identification Number) when calling Sam’s Marine.
The HIN number will be located at the upper starboard side of the transom. Laterally, the number will be located as close as possible to the starboard corner radius of the transom.
Shown is an example of what the HIN number may look like:

Hatteras Hull Identification Number

The format of the HIN depends on the year your boat was shipped. The format has changed four times since 1972 so your number may be different from the one showing. Characters four through eight are the ones which Sam’s Marine representatives will need to quickly and accurately identify your vessel.