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wierd ship

Added by MarioG
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by MarioG
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Green Eyed Girl  wierd ship  At Fire Island Pines, NY

  Description for wierd ship

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Description by MarioG


what in the world is this

Comments for wierd ship (8)

  1. #1 Angela
    I saw something like this at a commercial pier in Miami last weekend - looked like half a boat laid up against the pier. I thought I was "seeing things" and didn't bother to comment on it to save myself from embarassment. I wish I had taken a better look since what I was seeing was real. Oh well....
  2. #2 Hows Hatt
    What in the heck is that?
  3. #3 jim rosenthal
    People used to comment that the BMW R90S motorcycle handled like it had a hinge in the middle. Guess this is the nautical equivalent of that.
    need some help ,,,,what the hell is it
    I'm gona guess it does some kinda dredging
  6. #6 Salty Dame
    I got it! It's the worlds biggest ( and ugliest ) nutcracker
    I know it's to confuse submariners of the direction she is headed????
  8. #8 z28jimi
    Re: wierd ship
    Looks like an oil skimmer