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2011/2012 43 DCMY Refit

Added by gbharrington
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2011/2012 43 DCMY Refit  2011/2012 43 DCMY Refit

  Description for 2011/2012 43 DCMY Refit

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Description by gbharrington


Master head floor tear out

Comments for 2011/2012 43 DCMY Refit (1)

  1. #1 sgharford
    Re: 2011/2012 43 DCMY Refit
    Hi Greg, Not sure if you will see this regarding the "Master Stateroom Floor Tear Out" picture. Curious, why did you do this and what did you find? I have had a smell coming from bilge in master stateroom since I bought boat 11 years ago. I've run whats probably amounted to thousands of gallons of water through it in attempt to clean out. I get this funky black slime algae that accumulates in bilge water after about a month that seems to be culprit. Wondering if you has similar order problem and what you found under the floor? Thanks! Scott