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when i open the pump what is the procedure? do i close the valves or just open it up and hold my nose?


If you're just opening the discharge side, you don't even have to close the valve. Pour some OdorLos in the head, flush it twice and take the pump apart. Just loosen the discharge hose and let anything in the hose run into a bucket. Then remove the 6 small bolts from the big end of the big cone and pull it off. You'll see the macerator T sticking out of the end of the rubber stator and that's where stuff usually gets wrapped. Look down in between the spiril rotor and the rubber stator to see if that's clear.

If you have to remove the stator, you have to pull the rotor out first, since the stator won't fit over the macerator T. To remove the rotor, you have to ht the macerator T on the top of the T with a hammer (Yeah... just hit it) and this compresses the special threads of the rotor and motor drive and breaks loose any stuff in those threads so that you can unscrew the rotor. Hopefully you won't have to take the intake side apart to hold the shaft while you unscrew the rotor. They usually unscrew OK after being whacked once.
This is the procedure for replacing the rubber stator too. The T is supposed to stay screwed onto the rotor permanently. It's a left hand thread and it has been peened after it was screwed on.

Doug Shuman