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    eze2bme Guest

    AJX additive

    Hey 34Hatt ... where did you find that AJX additive? I called their number from the website and got an answering machine. Thanks. (I'm in South Carolina.) I haven't had any problems with bad fuel (knock on wood!) but this looks like it might be a good preventative.

    Has anyone else had any experience with this additive? Sounds almost too good to be true even at $50 per qt.!

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    Genesis Guest

    Where'd it all go?

    ... Better ask that question.

    BTW, emulsifying water is NOT the right approach. Go ask a diesel mechanic what water does to injector plungers. Cover your ears if you don't like foul language.

    There is exactly one approach that is correct to water in your fuel tank. Get it out of there. Not burn it, remove it. You do NOT want to emulsify it and let it pass through your injectors, scoring the hell out of the plungers. You want to suck it out wholesale.

    I am extremely leery of claims like that made on this company's web page. If they want me to run a "snake oil" test on it like I did the Algae-X devices, I'd be happy to - I have some NASTY old fuel laying around in a jerry can, and if it cleans up ok with theri "magic elixer" I'll even pay to have it analyzed and see how good it really is, by objective measurement, once their "stuff" is done with it.

    I don't want pictures - I want fuel analysis results.

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    PascalG Guest

    water in fuel

    here is an intersting piece on condensation:


    I'm also very sceptical about all these miracle additives... when a deal is too good to be true... it is... although @ $50 a can.. is it that good?

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    34Hatt Guest

    AJX additive

    First off Just try that # again someone is usually there during normal hrs. I should also add that I always used a additive prior which was amsoil diesel modifier which never showed any change. I know off 5 people personally that use it and have had great results I would have never recommended it if I did not use it first. And for what we spend on boats I can't believe the focus on the price. Try putting in a biocide, cetane booster, stabilizer, Injector cleaner and upper end lube and see how much it will cost. Plus READ my last post 10-12% fuel reduction and also gain a kt of speed so the quart does 500 gals of treatment so in most cases do the math and you will save money and that going to be real easy this Summer. As for snake oil I figured if the government has been using if for 20 years it really isn't magic. If you really need more Info talk to Archie at AJX. I do know that the MSDS says trade secret on it. But he will tell you how it works and he owned a fuel polishing business in FL for many years so he has seen it all and knows about fuel. Also the friend that started me on it got bad fuel in the Bahamas set of filter was lasting 4 hrs used the product made 5 trips between NY and FL plus going back to the Bahamas twice finally changed filters this fall even though vacuum gauges still read low so I would guess last saved him a bit of $$$$ also. Like I said it worked for me and I started using the gas additive in my truck this winter I run 87 instead of 89 octane and gained 12-15% A quart saves me a min of 40$ a bottle and truck runs better.

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    Genesis Guest


    Again, there are a thousand "fuel improver" formulas out there.

    I want to know what's in it, and if they claim trade secret, its not going in my engine.

    I do NOT want any water in the tank emulsified. No way, no how. That's bad for injectors.

    I also do NOT want any halogenated compounds in my fuel. Those are also bad for injectors (and everything else in the system, from seals on down to METALS.)

    Run it if you want. Its not going in my tank unless I know what's in it.

    I use a cetane index improver in my Jetta and in my boat, because that does help, and I know what's in it.

    10-12% fuel burn reduction? I'd have to see that on a dyno.

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    SKAMMTOO Guest


    I'll bite. I ordered a quart of the tank cleaner and a quart of the maintenance product. I have a 1965 50'MY that has one fairly good tank and one that needs attention. I pumped the "bad" tank down this winter and got out as much of the water and sludge as I could.

    We'll see how this product works and I'll post here.


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    SKAMMTOO Guest


    I received the AJX tank cleaner and maintenance additives today. It'll be a few weeks before I'm really out and running, but I'll post the results as I see them.


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    Soffer Guest


    I know this is an old post, but what was the result of you fuel additive test?

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    dmohring Guest

    Algae-X testing

    Genesis: What was the date you did the post on Algae-X testing?

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    Genesis Guest

    Its on boat diesel.....

    ... there is also a new post at www.denninger.net/snake-oil-2.htm for tests on a relative of the Algae-X units (Diesel Tex's devices)

    That test is still in process; Ivan got in the way of it to some degree, but its still going on and will be until I come to conclusions on them.

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