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    CapetaniosG Guest

    Condensation in Fuel Tanks

    It is a myth that fuel tanks that are less than full promote condensation and thus fauling the fuel with water. If you do the math threre is not enough air even in a 1,000 gal. empty tank to produce more than an ounce of water. For further details go to David Pascoe's
    web page and read the article.

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    SKAMMTOO Guest


    The AJX additive seemed to have work very well. I always had one "bad" tank and that has not been the case this year. I did take a little water out of the tank, but not much, and the filters are getting noticably cleaner as time goes on.

    I think it was worth the 50 bucks.


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    67hat34c Guest


    I also am trying AJX for gas.

    We found our Racor's full of a clear jelly like substance. Possibly some type of bacteria.

    Added AJX but due to hurricanes we have not had a chance to realy try it out.

    Will post results after we use it for a while.

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