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    skindr1999 Guest

    What to do about old fuel?

    due to lack of use my fuel is now 6 mos. old and is starting to clog my fuelseps even. I run the engines weekly for an hour but that doesn't seem to be enough. My mechanic says to just run it through the filters (I have 2 racors and 1 alyska filter per engine) and change them often. Should I pay someone to suck the tanks dry (i have about 850 gallons) and refuel or keep running the engines and change filters? Anyone have experience?>:

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    Soffer Guest

    Don't assume the fuel is bad

    just because the filters are rapidly clogging. See if there are fuel reconditioners in your area. These folks will come out to your boat, run the fuel through a series of killer filters & water seperators and return it to your tanks clean. Far better than just disposing of it as "waste oil". I've not done it but I hear it works well.

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    Genesis Guest

    Burn it

    Assuming you have a good filtration system, go out for a nice run or three and burn it all. Do not refill until you are nearly bone-dry.


    But assuming you have a good system (e.g. Racor primaries, and the on-engine secondary), and you can keep ahead of filters clogging, do it this way.

    Either that or call one of the "polishing" services.

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    jim rosenthal Guest

    Variable results...

    with fuel filtering services. They seem to be pretty uneven; I had a bad experience with Kleen Fuels here in MD, I also used QLube, I think they were okay.

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    spartonboat1 Guest

    Fuel Polishing

    A very solid mechanic I trust, not infrequently gets calls to run out and polish the diesel fuel of boat's that have been a long time idle. He brings a rig to boat and runs the fuel off or cycles it in and out, until the contaminents or bad fuel components are removed.

    All I know...

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    PascalG Guest

    old fuel

    if you anticipate the lack of use to go on in the future, you may be better off investing in an onboard fuel polishing system. it's not cheap, but in the long run it might be a good investment if you don't use the boat enough.

    it's really just a fuel pump, filter with pick up and returns..

    do the math: your own system Vs 2 or 3 prof. polishing session... might be better...

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    34Hatt Guest

    Fuel Problems

    Well this is always a problem showing up on this board and there is a easy answer. Go to WWW.AJX.US this additive does it all it has been made for the military for almost 20 years. It has a smart microbe that eats up microbial growth and a cetane boost, upper end lube, stabilizer ++++ it really does it all. I used it last year and it reduced the soot on transom 75%, gained 1kt top end and at cruise, reduced fuel consumption 10-12% and they started up so fast that even the wife made a comment, it was that noticeable. That was a bonus I never planned on, I used it cause a friend recommended it to reduce the soot. I also what too say my motors always ran pretty clean there is no visual smoke when they are warmed up but with a pure white transom after a couple hrs of running it would get dirty. I would definitely use the tank cleaning system first then use the maintenance product. I used the maintenance first cause I got it from my friend. I was using the boat and had a beam sea as it was eating the slug in the bottom of the tank and with the rocking it loosened up pieces that clogged one pickup tube. After 2 weeks the Maintenance product was done cleaning and there was no more problem. The tank cleaner will clean the tank in 3 days instead of 2 weeks cause it has more micro organisms. I also should say that I added the Fuel-Docs from AJX at the same time, which are magnets that clamp around your fuel hose in front of the filter took minutes to install and no leaks to worry about and they also help with the soot same as Algae X which can clog up from rust particles that is in the fuel from old tanks.

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    Genesis Guest

    $47 for a quart / 500 gals?!

    These guys are pretty damn proud of what they're selling.

    For $47 a QUART I want to know what's in there.

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    Traveler 45C Guest

    Fuel maintenance practises

    Hi guys,
    So what is the best way to go?
    1. Keep the tanks full to keep condensation out?
    or 2. Keep enough fuel on board for the day plus a little more so the fuel doesn't get old?
    Detroit says #1 & the dock pros say #2.
    3. Will using Pri-D with the tanks full keep the fuel stabilize enough to last more than 6 months?
    So many options, so many questions... Thanks all for your knowledge & wisdom,

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    Genesis Guest

    Keep no more than you need on board

    Quick turn over is more important (by far) than attempting to eliminate condensation.

    There is next to none of that going on. Really.

    If you have water in the fuel, its coming in the deck fills or worse, in the vents (worse because if its coming in there its probably SALT water!)

    Fix the real problem and don't keep fuel on board you cannot burn within a month or two.

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