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Thread: Waxing Imron

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    sdonx Guest

    Waxing Imron

    Getting ready for the coming season and plan on tackling the hull on my own. What are the recommended products and procedures that you use?

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    BEC53 Guest


    I've noticed that after waxing, the paint tends to hold dirt--more of those annoying black streaks. I've heard that AwlCare is better. I just ordered some to try.

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    mikep996 Guest

    Re: Waxing

    Awlgrip recommends against waxing with "normal" waxes-saying it will dull the finish. Polymers like Awlcare are what they recommend. I have never seen a specific care product recommendation from Dupont who simply say that washing Imron is the only care needed.

    I've sprayed a fair bit of Imron on cars and motorcycles and have never seen an instance where car wax, or any other treatment, could improve the gloss. That being said, if someone has used a cleaner-wax or anything with an abrasive in it on Imron then the surface has been degraded (scratched) and waxing may become beneficial.

    The polymers like Awlcare or Zaino products are also fine for Imron but not necessary - wash it and forget about it. I personally don't think they are necessary for Awlgrip either but since Awlgrip sells Awlcare...

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    svaron Guest

    Collinite Wax?

    What about Collinite #925 vs AwlCare wax?

    Our 1990 54ED has been maintained with Collinte #925 for years. The boatyard this year is recommending AwlCare as the better choice.

    I noticed that midway through the summer after rewaxing the boat with Collinte, the black streaks increased.
    Any thoughts???



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    jim rosenthal Guest

    Awlcare vs Collinite

    I thought Awlcare was worthless. It doesn't get the finish clean, and it doesn't keep in shiny. I had far better luck with Collinite paste. So did Powerboat Reports, although they didn't test it specifically on Awlgrip. USPaint says, of course, that you should use only their products on Awlgrip. I have yet to be convinced.

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    Banshee36 Guest


    I have a friend who washes his boat with vinegar. He Awlgripped his boat in 199 and she still shines awesome. I had myboat painted in 1999 and am now waxing the Oyster white topsides, as the paint is done. Awlcare is crap, so is their Awlwash. I use Orrpine wash and wax soap. Awesome, but pricey .

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    svaron Guest

    Collinite paste vs liquid


    Is the Collinte paste that much better than the liquid form?

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    Maynard Rupp Guest

    Waxing Imron

    I talked to Bruce Morrison at Hatteras. He said they have great results from using 3M "Finesse It II". I have tried it and get no black streaks, boat's finish looks like new etc. Bruce said that the finish beads water for two or three years after using Finesse It II. The guys with jell coated boats use the same stuff for wheeling the finish but mix it 50/50 with "Diamond Lustre". This stuff is a wax. The jell coat crowd feels that their finish oxidizes too quickly if they only use Finesse It II. Now Imron should never oxidize so I concluded that just using the Finesse It II would do the trick. We shall see.

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    sdonx Guest

    No Wax for Imron

    So I've learned you shouldn't have to wax Imron, just clean it. But how do you keep the water beading and a shine. Finesse-it is a polisher. I have used it for removing small scratches but do the whole hull? is it safe? I agree Finesse-it does bead water and shine after I always thought it was abrasive.

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    eze2bme Guest

    Re: No Wax for Imron

    Where do you find "Finesse It II"? Thanks.

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