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    detroit diesel 8.2 liter

    Does anyone have any opinions on a late 80's 300hp version. I know they are no cummins but are they reliable? Any problems common to these engines? General life expectancy?

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    Re: detroit diesel 8.2 liter

    Head gasket failures (no block deck to support the liners, you'd think they would have learned from the Cadillac 4100 ) and bottom end problems. It doesn't live up to the "Detroit Diesel" legend. I would avoid it.
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  3. Re: detroit diesel 8.2 liter

    I am generally a Detroit fan, but this is the one engine of theirs I would not own.
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    Re: detroit diesel 8.2 liter

    Back when I was looking for my next boat several mechanics "frouned" on this one. One mechanis advised that they have a very small margin of error should they begin to overheat. If you don't catch it soon you've bought a new engine.

    Considering the size range of boats that utilized this package you stil should have a lot of good choices offering the older V series Detroits and Caterpiller.

    Good luck.
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    Re: detroit diesel 8.2 liter

    Yes they were a problem engine but it depends on who did the conversion, J&T had a lot of lawsuits, western branch on the other hand a a reliable engine. I had a set of 8.2 250 HP for 17 years, repowered to cummins. I had my share of headaches but all in all they were good motors, except if they got hot, then you had to put in head gaskets. I sold mine to a nice man inong kong, I think they are still going strong, he sends me pics everynow and then, had them in a searay.
    If you found a boat wiht later model year engines that had all the updates, the new headbolts, tec, you should be ok, and I think they still make parts for them, but I would look for something else.

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    Re: detroit diesel 8.2 liter

    I looked at a few boats with them and the consensus was not in anything bigger than a 32 luhrs and not the 300 HP version. There are 2 lower HP versions that were more durable.

    Since then I have spoken to a few people who have them and they are mostlyin smaller lighter boats and doig OK but they are not a real detroit.

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    Re: detroit diesel 8.2 liter

    These engines were in a lot of small Blackfins, which are an excellent small SF boat. I suspect that a Blackfin with these motors is virtually "sale-proof" at any decent price for the owner. They were a problem child for Detroit; not like the old 2 cycle diesels which were designed as diesels and not a conversion from a gasoline engine with far lower internal pressures. Not all the sets of them were bad, but as they age the number with problems will go up.

    Anyone here remember GM "Toroflow" diesels? The 8.2s were sort of the "Son of Toroflow" diesels.......every once in a great while you still see a boat advertised with TF diesels. Usually they are for sale at a LOW price for a LONG time. On the other hand, if the boat is cheap, and looks nice, and has a set of throwaway diesels, a Cummins repower is a bargain these days...

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    Re: detroit diesel 8.2 liter

    Yes, every once in a while we still see a Terrible-Flow pop up. Like many marine engines, and standby generators, they have no time on them so still run well, but good luck getting parts or someone to fix them. Still there's always someone who thinks they're getting a bargain. I had a friend call once asking about a used GM 478 diesel he was looking at buying. The seller wanted $1500 with the gear. It took me a while ("Are you sure you don't mean 4-71?") then the penny dropped. I suggested he ask the seller for a length of chain and a mooring ball to go with it.

    Yes, the boats with them are for sale for a long time at a low price. They're also usually made of wood, since the engines were only made from about '64 to '74 and probably pretty unpopular long before '74.

    BTW Jim, what gas engine did the 8.2L come from? This is a new one to me.
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    I want to live in Theory, everything works there.

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    Re: detroit diesel 8.2 liter

    Scrod, I may have spoken through my hat here. I thought the GM 6.5? and 8.2 diesels came from gasoline engine designs which were adapted to diesel use. I might be wrong. I thought the problem with them was that they were not originally intended as diesels, and couldn't withstand the higher internal pressures caused by diesel operation.

  10. Re: detroit diesel 8.2 liter

    The DD 8.2s are in fact diesels, and have the unit injector system that Detroits are known for, but they're 4 strokes.

    They were also called "fuel pinchers", although they were never really all that good at extracting the higher-BSFC numbers we now get from electronics.

    They're parent-bore engines and have an "open" block deck design, which means that they're prone to head gasket problems. Early year engines also had too small head bolts for proper sealing pressures.

    The 6.5 is a totally different motor.
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