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    Another engine room mystery

    Another mystery to be solved on my 1968 50' Hatt MY. In the starboard engine room, outboard of the engine (8V71N), is an access hatch on the floor that opens up an enclosed box, about 8-10" on each side. It is just outboard of the outboard stringer. No clue as to what its purpose or function may be. Any ideas?


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    Re: Another engine room mystery

    If you still have the upside down canister oil filter, it's a sump to let it drain into. I still do on my 1965 50'MY and use it each year. Much easier than the port engine where I have to slip something under it.

    If you have remote mounted spin ons, you're a step ahead!

    Capt K

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    Re: Another engine room mystery

    I think it's just dead space. The hatch lets me get a pump in there to get water out from leaks (heavy spray comes down from flybridge in rough seas) or when I work on my fresh water system. I have considered putting a drain from that stringer into the central sump under the engine. It's one of those Round Tuit jobs.

    Getting rid of all of those canisters for oil and transmision was one of the best things I have done on board, for both the environment and for reliability.
    Jim Grove, Fanfare 1966 50MY Hull #22 (Delivered Jan. 7, 1966)

    "LIFE IS JUST ONE DAMNED THING AFTER ANOTHER." Frank Ward O'Malley, Journalist, Playwright 1875-1932

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    Re: Another engine room mystery

    My 1969 50MY has the same thing. The PO had tools in it. I have my large adj wrinch, 4# hammer and other tools in it. Some PO had changed to remote filters. I had no other idea what to use it for.

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    Re: Another engine room mystery

    I've already decided that when I get around to replacing the canisters to remote spin ons, I will turn it into the onboard jacuzzi. With it being in the engine room, I can probably rig it up to use it all winter long if desired!


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