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Thread: 37C temp gauge

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    37C temp gauge What do the Hash marks mean?

    What does the hash mark represent between 180 and 220 on my 100-220 ac gauge? 200?( see below) Is the first hash mark between 100 and 180- 140? My 6-71TI have been running at 180 or less since the entire cooling system was redone. Sunday on our return from Cuttyhunk the port gauge ran above 180 about 1/3 of the way between 180 and the hash mark. Is that 190 where Karl says I do not want to be. I know I should get an infrared gun to be sure.
    Thanks Hal
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    Re: 37C temp gauge


    Our guages are different on our 37C. Try swapping the lead to the temperature senders between port and starboard and see if it's a guage problem. The guage may not be too accurate. Check the strainer? Make sure the fitting on the strainer is tight.

    Our 671 TIs run 175-180F at cruise with clean cooling systems,and new impellers. I had a temp creep issue earlier this season and suspect it was the strainer caps leaking air into the RW pump suction. Lubed the lid gaskets and retightened the strainer lids, no temp creep, at least not now.

    and yes, get the gun.

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    Re: 37C temp gauge

    The best way to do it is to mount manual gauges in the engine room and then after noting their temp reading, you will be able to "calibrate" the dash gauges.

    We had a recent thread re engine temps/IR guns that might be helpful: http://www.samsmarine.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3826

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