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    Diesel fuel/tank cleaner

    Has anyone used AJX Perfect Fuel Products to clean tanks and old fuel?
    Did it work?
    1969 50' MY

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    Re: Diesel fuel/tank cleaner

    I put a vote for It works.

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    Re: Diesel fuel/tank cleaner

    AJX cleaned up a ten year old problem for me and a friend with a 48 YF used it this year on my recommendation and he's better, too!

    Well worth the cost of admission!

    Capt K

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    Re: Diesel fuel/tank cleaner

    I used it on our '72 48 YF and was extremely happy with the results. I will use it again.

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    Re: Diesel fuel/tank cleaner

    After conversion to diesels, I had a severe problem with filter clogging. It got to the point where I was changing racor filter elements every three hours of engine time. Since starting the use of AJX last year, both the TCS and the TMS, my engine reliability and filter clogging have really improved. Since my last fill up last November, I went from 3 hours a filter element change to 80 hours and that was just my summer routine maintenance.
    1966 34 C #068

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    Re: Diesel fuel/tank cleaner

    Where do you get AJX. Thanks, KEN

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    Re: Diesel fuel/tank cleaner

    Thanks for the info. I'm at Surf City, NC and can not find any dealers here.
    I looked at the web site and will have to get it from FL.
    I have other problem now, elect switch burned out last night. I called Steve at Sams, he did not have them but gave me the name and number of someone that should. It will be here tomorrow. Thanks again Steve.

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    Re: Diesel fuel/tank cleaner

    Thanks for the info. I'm at Surf City, NC and can not find any dealers here.
    Carolina Boats is also a dealer and Lewis Marine will also be a dealer soon. If you want email AJ @ AjAjaquaproducts@aol.com and he will help you out. Post your result or any questions and I can help you out.
    End Of The Line II
    1967 34C

    EOTL II Rebuild Web Page

    ><(((>`..`.><((((>`..`.><(( (( >.`.><(((>

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