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    Re: 1972 58 Yacht Fish for sale

    Quote Originally Posted by jim rosenthal View Post
    Stabilized, my error. However, the original post clearly states NOT stabilized.
    Fins are in the bottom pictures.
    Older control switches under/stb of the lower helm.

    Then maybe disabled and not working?
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    Re: 1972 58 Yacht Fish for sale

    You're probably not going to get the money you want out of that boat unless you fix the stabilizers first. Just putting no stabilizers in the ad when the boat has them but they're broken is problematic on a couple levels. Beyond the fact that they're a big selling feature that most people want, the unspoken problem is you're sending a clear message to buyers that you're A-OK with having major nonfunctional items on the boat. It just sends the wrong message.
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  3. Re: 1972 58 Yacht Fish for sale

    Quote Originally Posted by rsmith View Post
    I doubt hes still with us. My dad and I met him over 40 years ago when he was selling boats from behind his house in Lauderdale. From what I remember he was old then. But I was a kid everybody over 40 looked old. My dad always warned me about brokers blowing smoke up your butt just to get the listing.

    Frank is like the Holy Spirt, seldom ever seen, but readily available if you reach out. Guy is a veritable goldmine of information.

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    Re: 1972 58 Yacht Fish for sale

    Clean boat and staged well. CWW said it best though. I would be leary of lipstick on a pig with anyone claiming the boat does not have stabilizers or unwilling to invest in repairs of such an important item. Would be a lot easier to overlook if they simply listed what was needed to bring back to life. Great boat otherwise. 150 to 175k would be my guess.

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