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Thread: Estimate $

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    Re: Estimate $

    That is stunning. Wrong coast, but stunning.
    "A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor"

    Rob Waldrop
    M/V Pau Hana
    Ft Myers FL

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    Re: Estimate $

    What you said. Can you imagine what it would cost to get it to the East coast? I didn't know there were numbers that big.

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    Re: Estimate $

    About 8 years ago a 70 footer I used to run was sold and shipped to the left coast, it was about 60k. 8 years ago
    Miami, FL
    1970 53 MY #325 Cummins 6CTAs
    2014 26' gaff rigged sloop
    2007 Sandbarhopper 13
    12' Westphal Cat boat

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    Re: Estimate $

    Probably is cheaper to bring it over than try to duplicate it on the East coast. Broker is asking $639 , Yachtworld $839. ?..

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    Re: Estimate $

    Was just looking up Scania 825 HP engines.That is the big 12.7 liter, 6 cylinder engine.
    The pictures show V-8s.

    The 13 Liter V-8s go up to 900 HP.
    The 16 Liter V-8s go up to 1150 HP.

    This Hatt may not be short of HP.

    12V71s are 14 Liter engines.

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    Re: Estimate $

    Wow, just wow. That boat has been loved using a very open and very deep checkbook, absolutely stunning!

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    Re: Estimate $

    I'd like to see photos of the repower adventure.

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    Re: Estimate $

    This shows what can be done to these old boats. Even with the crazy amount of money that was spent here, the guy still has far less into this boat than if he had purchased new in this size range.

    It also shows what Hatteras could do if they had an owner who actually wanted to build boats. Make some motoryachts like this in various sizes.
    Sky Cheney
    1985 53EDMY, Hull #CN759, "Rebecca"
    ELYC on White Lake--Montague, MI

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    Re: Estimate $

    Why the ask price difference between broker vs YACHTWORLD ?

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