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    Is av43 MY big enough for a couple to live on?

    I want to sell my power catamaran and get a Hatteras. I want a strong reliable boat with a real bedroom not something I have to climb into. My wife and I, our two dogs and a cat spend almost all our time in the Bahamas. We want to live on the boat and rent our house in the Bahamas during the winter. We will also travel between Fl and Bahamas a couple of times a year so I’m hoping to find a boat with stabilizers and good dinghy storage.

    I think a 43 is big enough but I haven’t been on one yet. I want to live anchored out to avoid Marinas so I need a boat that doesn’t have to have a generator on all the time. I will add Solar and Lithium batteries.

    What are the costs of ownership and operation of a 43 versus a 53, or 48? I figure a 43 is simpler, easier to care for, less stuff to break or keep power to.

    I would love to have a cockpit and easy access to swim platform and dinghy for my dogs and my self. Anyone found a good way to set up dog friendly stairs down to the swim platform.
    There was a 42 cockpit for sale recently but it’s sold. There are several nice 43 MY on the market now, so I think they are my best choice.

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