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    Re: Is a 43 MY big enough for a couple to live on?

    I have two 36k BTU chillers, from October thru may I can use either one to cool the boat, in summer I need both running during the day. Each uses about 18 amps while running. The 5 air handlers use very little, about 1 amp each.
    Miami, FL
    1970 53 MY #325 Cummins 6CTAs
    2014 26' gaff rigged sloop
    2007 Sandbarhopper 13
    12' Westphal Cat boat

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    Re: Is a 43 MY big enough for a couple to live on?

    Most 43 owners that I have ever known(including me) has lusted for a 53 and with good reason. I would have loved
    having a 53 but we have a very strict 50 foot limit at our club so I compromised and bought a 48. Nice
    but not as nice as a 53. Our main issue was all the stairs that needed to be climbed. Got old quickly
    especially as we got older. I suspect if we had a 53 instead of a 48 (and a captain to take care of it for
    us we would have stayed as active boaters for a few extra years. My advice is don't settle, you only pass
    this way once and it goes by very fast.

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    Re: Is a 43 MY big enough for a couple to live on?

    I find that very good advise Walter. It's the second time I have heard it, I followed it then and intend to again. Thank you for reminding me.

    Walt Hoover

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