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    Re: Looking for general info on 45/46 convertible

    These old boats go for a song. Add $50K to any to clear up deficiencies and pretty much you are good if initial survey is accurate. Token payment to become the new caretaker. If youíre not hung up on new and fancy these old Hatts and several others are a great cheap alternative to new. Even with the cost to take care of 2 stroke Detroitís which is hard but much cheaper than a repower. Find one with a repower, great. Still donít overpay. Crappy old school saying but it is what it is. Take advantage or move on and go newer.
    1966 34c
    1982 46 HP

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    Re: Looking for general info on 45/46 convertible

    Quote Originally Posted by jap201 View Post
    Yes, there's one for sale in NJ. No affiliation, but here's the YW link


    think he's a member here

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