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    1973 58’ “It’s eh Long Story”

    Is anyone familiar with this Yacht Fisherman? It is for sale out of Ontario. I am being told that there is no HIN as she was being built in 1971/72 so dodged the requirement. Can that be true? Also no engine hour meters… obviously concerning. Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.Many thanks!

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    Re: 1973 58’ “It’s eh Long Story”

    Our 1972 43DC does not have the now standard HIN, because it was built prior to the October 1972 mandate.
    Brett Portzer 1972 Hatteras 43DC331
    2019- SUPERNOVA Waterford, NY
    1977-2019 CAROL-SUE Baltimore, MD
    1972-1977 C.VALPRISAN IV Boston, MA

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    Re: 1973 58’ “It’s eh Long Story”

    If you’re looking for a 58 yacht Fisher there are two of them in Benicia California that are for sale. They’re also may be one in Alameda California.
    1979 53' MY Hull #563
    Antioch, California

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    Re: 1973 58’ “It’s eh Long Story”

    It *will* have a HIN, just not the standard form but rather what the Hatteras factory was using at the moment.


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    Re: 1973 58’ “It’s eh Long Story”

    Thank you so much for all your input! Dan, I had a feeling that there had to be one of sorts, even if only for Hatteras to keep track. Really hard to trust these brokers. Seven, will take a look at California, but as we live in the Keweenaw of Michigan, the transport would be hugely painful. Again, thank you all.

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