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    Re: Killer deal on 12/71 oil filters.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Bradley View Post
    Longer filters would definitely not worked on my old 6v92s. I used the napa 1970s and could barely get the filter wrench to fit under it in my 79 43c.
    I use oil filter plyers vs a wrench, super easy
    '88 55'C hull 394 ​BEATs Therapy
    12-71 TA's ZF BW190 1.5:1 gears

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    Re: Killer deal on 12/71 oil filters.

    Quote Originally Posted by ageless View Post
    I'm not sure how you can say these aren't designed for "ole strait W DDC's",
    DDC offers about a half dozen 1 1/2" x 12 pipe thread oil filers them selves.
    Manufactured with different media, different filtering properties and can handle different API & weights of oil.
    The fleet guard filter is made for 4 stroke engines with a different API oil & weight.
    I can not find a application for 2 stroke Detroits for this filter.

    I'm all in for saving money on our boats.
    I'll stay in my box on this option.

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    Re: Killer deal on 12/71 oil filters.

    Found some fair deals on real DDC oil filters.

    Check out Genuine Detroit Diesel 71 92 Lube Oil Filter 6 Pack Spin-on 23530407 1 Case on eBay!

    Check out Detroit Diesel DN 23530573 ELEMENT-OIL FILTER (6 PACK) on eBay!

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    Re: Killer deal on 12/71 oil filters.

    Thanks for the heads-up, Ralph!

    1984 52C #504 (production serial 3)
    San Francisco Bay, California

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