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    1973 53’ Motoryacht

    After just short of 20 years of ownership, it is time to look for a new steward for our 1973 53’ Motoryacht. Please see the listing at Bayport Yachts. No sales pitch. I believe the pictures speak for themselves.
    Thank you

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    Re: 1973 53’ Motoryacht

    Sky Cheney
    1985 53EDMY, Hull #CN759, "Rebecca"
    ELYC on White Lake--Montague, MI

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    Re: 1973 53’ Motoryacht

    Looked at the listing. Probably has an offer by now. Beautiful.

    Please remove this listing before my wife sees it. I’m not ready for a MY yet.😁
    1966 34c
    1982 46 HP

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    Re: 1973 53’ Motoryacht

    that is a beautiful boat, should go fast.

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    Re: 1973 53’ Motoryacht

    How did you get that fridge in there?
    ENUFF. 1983 53MY.Hull #617 Barnegat Light Nj.

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    Re: 1973 53’ Motoryacht

    Getting the refrigerator in wasn’t too difficult. Being an earlier hull, I don’t have the electrical panel at the stairs. I did however have to cut the stairs headroom below the windshield. Which is okay because as original, it is a real head banger.

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    Re: 1973 53’ Motoryacht

    Very nice boat and very nice photography and presentation
    Miami, FL
    1970 53 MY #325 Cummins 6CTAs
    2014 26' gaff rigged sloop
    2007 Sandbarhopper 13
    12' Westphal Cat boat

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    Re: 1973 53’ Motoryacht

    Quote Originally Posted by Pascal View Post
    Very nice boat and very nice photography and presentation
    Eric Horst is very good at that. Some brokers are not. I own my boat due to the crappy pictures the broker took which made it less attractive looking and gave me time to get there.

    BTW, I personally know this boat and it's owner of 20 years. It's a good boat.
    1978 53' Motor Yacht "LADY KAY V"
    Hull number 524
    Chesapeake Bay

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    Re: 1973 53’ Motoryacht

    x2. It looks beautiful.

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    Re: 1973 53’ Motoryacht

    Beautiful boat!

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