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    Gen/Shorepower Transfer Switch

    I have a 1966 41TC. My Gen/Off/Shorepower transfer switch is bad. I cannot find a single pole 120 volt transfer switch that fits my electrical panel. It it an up/down switch, not a rotary switch.
    If anyone knows where I can purchase one, let me know. I don't want to build or buy a whole new panel just for the one switch. A rotary switch I found at a local shop is too deep to fit in the panel.
    My electrical panel is original Hatteras and original to the boat.

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    Re: Gen/Shorepower Transfer Switch

    A picture?
    Any mfg or part number on the switch?
    Called Sam's yet?

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    Re: Gen/Shorepower Transfer Switch

    The old one was a motor control switch and is not easy to find a replacement.

    The rotary switch is a bit larger on the outside so the door may not close but it's a much better choice. There is no safe and reliable fix for the old switch.
    41C117 "Hattatude"
    Port Canaveral Florida.

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    Re: Gen/Shorepower Transfer Switch

    Not repairable. They don't answer and won't reply back to messages. Boat is 2 hours away. I cannot see any numbers on it.It looks like a huge light switch,

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    Re: Gen/Shorepower Transfer Switch

    Do your transfer switch description makes me think of the ones I have on my 47 Commander for the HVAC load source.(three black toggle switches in photo below) These are DPDT and carry 30A each.

    I have been told these are still available at electrical supply houses.

    1972 Chris-Craft 47 Commander
    1994 Sea Ray Laguna 16SC
    (wannabe Hatteras owner)

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    Re: Gen/Shorepower Transfer Switch

    That's exactly what they look like.

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    Re: Gen/Shorepower Transfer Switch

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    Sky Cheney
    1985 53EDMY, Hull #CN759, "Rebecca"
    ELYC on White Lake--Montague, MI

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    Re: Gen/Shorepower Transfer Switch

    You need a 2 pole for hot and neutral.
    41C117 "Hattatude"
    Port Canaveral Florida.

    When I want your opinion I'll give it to you?

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    Re: Gen/Shorepower Transfer Switch

    Going to check the electric supply house tomorrow.Thanks.

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    Re: Gen/Shorepower Transfer Switch

    I thought that was, what it could be. Had a bunch of them on an ole CC Roamer I used to work on. They went to all the A C units.
    Wow, shore / gen transfer switch? More heavy duty than I thought.

    Looks like support has some suggestions already. Please keep us up on your adventures.
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