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    Glad they are OK

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    Re: Glad they are OK

    That video is scary for sure. Pretty rough seas for that area too. Hopefully nobody we know. Details would be interesting.
    Randy Register - Kingston, TN
    aka Freebird aka Sparky1
    1965 41DC #93

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    Re: Glad they are OK

    Fire is my biggest and really only fear. A Hatteras piloted by someone with common sense (why am I running slow, check for taking on water) that has plugs and towels can keep one afloat. Hard to sink one. Constantly monitor speed to be normal. Any long lack of even 1 MPH and I slow down and check ER and other areas. Basic stuff. Even hard running aground you can still stuff the leaks as it will be shaft logs and such. Push the rudders up and tear all that up. Well ya sunk a Hatteras but its not going down too far.

    Fire? Once it starts and is not put out very early and no way its going out. Witnessed a couple of fires where they completely it seems put it out and then it reignites. You can put it out on the surface but its still burning from within.

    Glad these people made it off safe but sad they lost their boat. 1 less classic Hatteras left in this world.
    1966 34c
    1982 46 HP

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