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Thread: 58 Hatteras

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    58 Hatteras

    Looking at 1987 58 Hatt MY. Excellent exterior and interior. Electronics need complete replacement except for AP.
    Eisen glass aft blued and needs replacement. Westmar thruster needs rebeding. Stabilizers inspected with new seals
    2 years ago Engine room nice and neat. one engine with1100 hrs, the other with 1800. One was in frame overhauled
    but paperwork unavailable.
    I know prices are crazy but trying to get prices for sale

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    Re: 58 Hatteras

    There are too many variables to provide any accuracy. I could guess a range between $150k to $300k. What are they asking?

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    Re: 58 Hatteras

    $275, somewhat overpriced as things usually are. Thanks for your input.

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    Re: 58 Hatteras

    If itís in generally good shape thatís not too far out of line. Just have a good engine survey done in addition to the general survey.

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    Re: 58 Hatteras

    I just saw that boat when we were docked near it in Charleston. Paint looks pretty good. I talked to a guy that helps maintain the boat and he said the owner spends a lot keeping it up. Not much in the way of upgrades, pretty original but in good shape overall.
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    Re: 58 Hatteras

    If it is maintained well you should take a shot at it. Most are not well maintained.
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