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    Re: 1983 Hatteras 53MY

    Asking price ?

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    Re: 1983 Hatteras 53MY

    I havenít priced it yet but ballpark $125-$150k. The market is all over the place, when I get some time Iíll do some comparisons.
    ENUFF. 1983 53MY.Hull #617 Barnegat Light Nj.

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    Re: 1983 Hatteras 53MY

    Sure looks nice !

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    Re: 1983 Hatteras 53MY

    Thanks itís is but with any big old boat thereís always something.
    ENUFF. 1983 53MY.Hull #617 Barnegat Light Nj.

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    Re: 1983 Hatteras 53MY

    Have you put a listing / information sheet together for the boat?


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    Re: 1983 Hatteras 53MY

    No not yet. I have a lot going on in my life ďDĒ so Iím kinda out of it. You can pm me your number if you want to discuss.
    ENUFF. 1983 53MY.Hull #617 Barnegat Light Nj.

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    Re: 1983 Hatteras 53MY

    You've done some really nice improvements. That galley table is beautiful and the carpet is very nicely done, especially the color which contrasts nicely with the wood interior but won't get dirty so easy. My favorite is your hideaway TV in the bar on the aft deck. I'm stealing that for my 53, there is no good place for a tv out there and you solved the riddle.

    When I was looking for a 53 MY it was difficult to find a nice one. The market falls into two categories, the first is the same half-dozen boats that always sit on yachtworld in the $100-150k range and take forever to sell. These are rundown and would take 6 figures to get back to where they should be. Then there were the nice ones in the $200k range, every time I went to go look at one of those somebody had just had an offer accepted on it, one time the guy changed his mind on selling right in the middle, or by the time I called it was already sold. Those go quickly. I finally snagged a nice one after awhile by going way outside my comfort zone and jumping on a plane to look at it the second day it was listed and then I made an offer immediately.

    Your boat looks like it goes in the second category, I doubt you will have any trouble selling. Unless things have drastically changed from 8 months ago your stated price range may be too low.

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    Re: 1983 Hatteras 53MY

    Sure looks nice , good choice of carpet,and everything else . Should sell quick .

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    Re: 1983 Hatteras 53MY

    Really nice!


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    Re: 1983 Hatteras 53MY

    GOOD MORNING. If you have a moment, could you send me some photos.
    Is the paint in good, vey good condition. Do motors smoke. Hours on Gen.
    My wife wants to know of any updates in the galley.
    My email. newport.alex@gmail.com
    Thanks for your time.

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