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Thread: Thanksgiving

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    Happy Thanksgiving to all!
    GLORY Hull # 365
    Northport, NY

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    Re: Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving from Biloxi MS. Drove the land yacht down with my truck on my trailer behind it to deliver a big safe for a guy. Got this spot early and will walk to Beau Rivage for their Thanksgiving buffet around 2-3PM to make it count.
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    Thumbs up Thanksgiving

    Hard work pays off in the future.
    Laziness, pays off now!

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    Re: Thanksgiving

    Happy thanksgiving
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    1979 53' MY Hull #563
    Antioch, California

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    Re: Thanksgiving

    Happy Turkey Day everyone!
    --- The poster formerly known as Scrod ---

    I want to live in Theory, everything works there.

    1970 36C375

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    Re: Thanksgiving

    Went with the cave man plate at Bo’s Revenge. Hope I have enough room in the holding tank for the aftermath. It’s honestly wasn’t very good. Somewhere between Shoney’s and a cruise ship.
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