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    Re: traveling offshore

    It is interesting to read about offshore traveling on the east coast.
    Out here on the west coast we always go offshore, as there's nowhere else to go.
    A typical day's fishing or cruising trip out of San Diego involves heading west 20-100 miles. That's probably why - when it comes to boats that actually leave the dock - motoryachts are outnumbered by sport fishers here by a huge margin.
    "The older I get, the faster I was......."

    1979 60C "Ohana" hull# 331

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    Re: traveling offshore

    I donít really consider running the coast as being offshore, but itís just a terminology thing. I refer to running inside or outside as we have the ICW below NJ as an option.

    I prefer running outside when the weather is nice, but itís not always the shortest route. Whether or not itís quicker depends on your cruising speed. With that, I see WAY more convertibles outside than I do inside. The reverse is true for motor yachts. That comes back to the speed vs distance thing.

    By the time you run in/out of the passes, it kills any distance saved. Outside is just prettier and keeps you away from bridges, no wake zones, idiots etc.

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    Re: traveling offshore

    Plus you can use the autopilot and not have to stop for bridge openings.
    Sky Cheney
    1985 53EDMY, Hull #CN759, "Rebecca"
    ELYC on White Lake--Montague, MI

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    Re: traveling offshore

    Quote Originally Posted by SKYCHENEY View Post
    Plus you can use the autopilot and not have to stop for bridge openings.
    I just had to on the bridge thing...


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    Re: traveling offshore

    We used the Navionics app on our IPad to do 6 trips from Annapolis to Key West and back. Ran Inside and Outside depending on weather and draft. SC & Georgia ICW not very deep. Purchased an expensive Garmin, tried it for 2 days and took it back.

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