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    1984 53 tornado survivor?

    Anybody have a story on this boat? Story goes it got hit by tornado that ran through Tuscaloosa AL in 2011. Current owner bought it on eBay , ran it to Demopolis AL where it was hauled and now sits. Fly bridge got destroyed.9FE74828-66B6-42EC-98FC-FDA7BCF82CFC.jpg

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    Re: 1984 53 tornado survivor?

    There's another one of these running around, has to be a mid/late 80's 53 MY because of the later-style smaller engine room vents, where the guy intentionally removed the flybridge. I met him on the big dock at Halifax Harbor some years back. Saw him on there one day and said what happened to the flybridge. He said he ran the boat from inside 100% of the time and didn't like it so he got rid of it. I don't think he liked me very much either, because at that point I was looking at him like he had a third eyeball. I know it's his boat and he can do whatever he wants with it, but it looked pretty odd. These aren't like 1970's/80's Chris-Craft's where they look better without it because the flybridge was a tacked-on afterthought. On these boats it was always meant to be there. It was all perfectly functional, he'd sealed all the holes and installed one of those radar masts with the anchor light on top of it, and made little varnished wooden boards to hold the nav lights, those actually looked pretty darn good. So there's obviously no problem running it that way.

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    Re: 1984 53 tornado survivor?

    And yet, the flybridge was always an option on every 53MY
    Sky Cheney
    1985 53EDMY, Hull #CN759, "Rebecca"
    ELYC on White Lake--Montague, MI

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