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    Gear shift controls getting hung up

    I have a 97' Cabo Express with twin CAT's I am having an issue with the port side of my dual control that engages transmission from neutral to forward and reverse. At times it gets hung up and I am not able to move lever front of backwards. I have to really force it. It like it gets hung up on a ledge. I have opened to inspect mechanism but not sure what I am looking for. Cable seems to be freely moving. Thinking it is an issue with the lever mechanism.

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    Re: Gear shift controls getting hung up

    Do you have salt corrosion on the gear and shifting arm? I had this on my ZF's on our 34. Sometimes would work fine and other times hang up. Scary to be stuck in gear. Finally got so bad it was a $$ repair.
    1966 34c
    1982 46 HP

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    Re: Gear shift controls getting hung up

    If you have the ZF 220 it is a very common problem. Go over to Tony Athens (seaboard Marine) and read on how to correct it.

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