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    Anyone know about this 52C in Ohio

    I've been member/lurker for a while, but no posts so can't post link.

    yachtworld /boats/1987/hatteras-52-convertible-3466135/

    I've been hoping to get over to take a look at it, sold my Tiara a couple years ago and looking to move up.

    I thought it showed under contract a couple months ago, if so something fell through.

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    Re: Anyone know about this 52C in Ohio

    Looks like a somewhat cluttered and dated older boat, but not bad. I don't know what the market is for this particular boat, but in general the used boat market seems rather hot right now, so I would ask about the previous deal- did it survey badly, what happened?

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    Re: Anyone know about this 52C in Ohio

    Looks like a nice 52C to me. Pictures make it tough though. That's the way 52s are - a little crowded to fit everything. Boats up there look so nice - beings used and weathered half as much as down here. Asking price seems comparable to most.

    The Detroits are the high HP version with 2,500 hours. So, that'll be your initial focus if serious. All those valances and other oddities are so easy to change, I'd look right past them. A few older electronics. The galley floor is damaged under the dishwasher. Common stuff - lots of little stuff to haggle over.

    It looks like the salon windows have been replaced and are sliders. Plus, the interior is painted. So, check for other water damage under there somewhere.
    It doesn't say anything about the genny. Side pic looks like the original 20kw.

    I have a very sea-seasoned client up in Port Clinton, but he's a rag boater. You need to take a pro to the boat and go through the systems...just start with the biggest money stuff and work your way down.

    Does anyone know what the white device is in the lower left corner here...in the wall on the stairs??
    Screenshot 2021-07-15 222828.jpg
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    At the mouth of the Caloosahatchee
    1984 52C

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    Re: Anyone know about this 52C in Ohio

    I believe the owner is the brother in law of a member here unless ownership has changed. He refered me to the boat a few years ago when I was looking, it was close for me to go see but never did. He may post and have some information. It has been listed for a while and took it as for sale but firm on price, perhaps he was lowballed on offers.

    Walt Hoover

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    Re: Anyone know about this 52C in Ohio

    Thatís my boat. Owner for 16 years on Lake Erie. Have had for sale off & on. 1100 hrs since rebuild. White thing is central vac. All electronics updated. Call my cell (216) 695-6356 or email me at mike.petrigan@cbre .com to discuss

    Mike Petrigan

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    Re: Anyone know about this 52C in Ohio

    Northern lights Gen. replaced old Onan. Replaced original Allison transmissions with twin disc

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