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    Re: Injector service

    Quote Originally Posted by jap201 View Post
    Yes, thank you. I do building controls with all kinds of technology but I suck at simple things like a link. 😂😂😂
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    Re: Injector service

    LOL. 34 years writing operating systems for computers, and I can't use a smart phone Don't matter, I'm becoming a luddite as i get older. Give me mechanical anyday. Watching your post as I'm looking at a boat with 6v92's mechanical. Good to know Avenger if I need injectors rebuilt.

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    Re: Injector service

    Quote Originally Posted by madhatter1 View Post
    I canít figure out how to do a link. Forums-Detroit-92 series. Top of that group.
    Okay, it reads a lot better on a PC than on a phone.

    Internet diagnostics is tricky, obviously because the mechanic can't actually put hands on the problem. But I like the way someone came back so quickly with a firm diagnosis. [/SARCASM] 900 hrs is roughly the equivalent of 40K miles which would be really poor injector life.

    Sooting can be caused by a lot of things like overloading, faulty injectors, improper tuning etc. Honestly, I believe in starting with cheap and simple and working my way up to expensive and complicated.

    The local Volvo dealer used to do tune-ups on those notorious smokers, and they could get them as clean as possible but would still get slight transom sooting. The final fix was fuel additive. Which indicates that fuel quality is not very good in America these days. If you're not using an additive try one with a cetane booster. We recommend either Stanadyne, or Alliant Power, but there are others. They should also increase fuel lubricity which will help with injection system longevity. Again, start simple and cheap.

    Also, when is the last time it had a tune-up? It wouldn't hurt to run the valve and injector adjustments before you go buying a lot of parts.
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    Re: Injector service

    Old & dirty air filters would be the first & cheap Items to check. Incomplete fuel burn usually leaves the soot trails.
    Throttle delays removed (like on our boat) or out of adjustment can still soot up a transom.
    Slow turbo(s) or bad injector tips are culprits also but further down the list.
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    Re: Injector service

    Thanks all for input. History. Boat was bought from Capt. Dave Disesia. A true DD mechanic. But time takes it's toll and we did have to service some turbo issues and shim governor on port side to get full loaded RPM's. As posted on boatdiesdel.com there is zero visible exhaust trail behind the boat. but there certainly is a station wagon effect since we have to rinse salt spray off when done running. So maybe normal, I don't know. But original question on boatdiesel was about underpropping a bit since top speed I have now is not needed and a reduced top speed is acceptable. Original question was about reducing load on engines a bit to also get better airflow (cooling) running same or maybe slightly higher RPM's. Agreed that I don't think I really have an issue with injectors right now but prefer proactive maintenance. Rather spend $ on maintenance than repairs and down time. And also want many, many hours out of the engines without rebuild. Although I could if needed.
    1966 34c
    1982 46 HP

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    Re: Injector service

    IMHO, the most cost effective de-tuning method is to simply pull back on the throttles. I really believe it all comes down to how many gallons of fuel you're moving through the engines.
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