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    You tube Hatteras

    There is a you-tube channel called Sailing Doodles. The guy on it just trashed his sailboat and bought a 52 Hatteras MY with an 8 foot cockpit extension. So he now is going to cruise the Carribian on the Hatteras. He usually has a couple of pretty good looking girls along with him, not that any of you would care about that. What could be better girls and Hatteras.
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    Re: You tube Hatteras

    I've been following Sailing Doodles for a while, Bobby is from here in Dallas. He's had truly crap luck with boats--his first one was sunk by a hurricane, the CT56 was lousy luck but there was an element of "doh" on having his anchor line getting wrapped on his prop/shaft for an extended period of time without his noticing.

    That being said, he is apparently a really good guy and he does know boats. I'm looking forward to this next adventure. His crew is also generally quite attractive.

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    Of all of the sailing You Tube series, its one of the best.
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    Thumbs up Re: You tube Hatteras

    That's awesome!

    That boat is/was in the same marina as ours and I know the previous owners. Will be cool to follow them along through these videos.


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    Re: You tube Hatteras

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    Re: You tube Hatteras

    I've been following him from the beginning--Bobby has a good channel (as well as a airplane flying channel).
    He's renamed his 52CMY "MV Darkside"--gotta say he's got my eye for both Hatteras and mates.

    I'm guessing he'll soon be a member of this illustrious group soon! (....so let me be the first here to say "Welcome ABOARD Bobby and hello to all your first and second mates"!
    BREAKAWAY 1990 Hatteras 52CMY

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