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    Abacos - The Rage Wave Height

    Another thread pointed out our tendency to exaggerate wave heights. Since I exaggerate everything, I thought I would get a third party estimate on the worst waves I have had my boat in and see if we can get some anecdotal stories of terrible seas with accurate measurements.

    For those familiar with the Abacos, what wave height would you expect in The Rage with winds blowing 25 knots steady from the east. Water came through the flybridge window on a 62 CPMY (54 MY with ext).

    I will disclose my estimate later.


    1986 62 CPMY (54MY with ext)

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    Re: Abacos - The Rage Wave Height

    That depends on the inlet, the direction of the wind, and the tide. Tide can have a crucial impact on the rage and some inlets like North Bar Channel are known for hazardous conditions. Legacy gave us a very good report the first time we rounded Whale Cay on the way from Green Turtle to Guana.

    North Bar Channel - MyAbaco.Net

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