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    Re: 1968 Firebird 400

    Does Linda Vaughn come with the HURST shifter ? Really cool car . I drove one bunch it had a LEAR 8 track tape deck ,state of the art ! Regards, Edward

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    Re: 1968 Firebird 400

    Quote Originally Posted by edward View Post
    Does Linda Vaughn come with the HURST shifter ? Really cool car . I drove one bunch it had a LEAR 8 track tape deck ,state of the art ! Regards, Edward
    Our 67 50 came from the factory with a Dynaco amp and a Lear jet 8 tract. FWIW Bill Lear the Jet guy I believe invented the 8 tract

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    Howard P. Miller 1967-1974
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    Re: 1968 Firebird 400

    Bill Lear,did invent the 8 track ,I think speciftly for his jets ! I think he started MOTOROLA radio .

    Actually I think Linda Vaughn just recently passed away .She was quite the spoke person for HURST.

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    Re: 1968 Firebird 400

    I had a Formula 400 1976 vintage with a four speed and a hurst shifter. What a great car. Although my current car has almost 600 hp and 600 pound feet of torque, the Formula was way more fun. I modified it to put in headphones for the stereo — a big deal in those days. As far as I recall, it cost just about 6K new in 1976.

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    Re: 1968 Firebird 400

    miss those days. the raw power, noise, smell, you could tune a car with wrenches. love my new car, but miss my '67 gto. nice firebirds, both of 'em. back around 76/77, i knew a guy that traded in his 68 (9?) charger for a new silver trans-am. that ta was beautiful. your silver bird looks just like his old ta, very nice.

    Quote Originally Posted by madhatter1 View Post
    Rsmith, no offense but your car is exactly what I avoided. You own an intact piece of history and it would be a shame to abuse it or let anything happen to it. But for sure hat's off to you for preserving it. Mine which is cool and era authentic is still no longer a real piece of history. Might end up out running the Yarmouth cops again, just like in 85!

    I really can't back that up. Not going to get in trouble much anymore. But still fun to think about. I did revel in explaining to my son that in 20 minutes I can change the entire fuel delivery system. Can't do that on a modern car. Swapped the Q-jet out for a cheap Holley. Had to. No real tuners left that understand them. Q-jet is in a box and goes with the car.

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    Re: 1968 Firebird 400

    Beautiful. Glws

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    Re: 1968 Firebird 400

    Both lovely cars. Sad day for me when GM killed the Firebird. Up til about 1973 Always better engines than the chebby, I had two 69 GTOs, one a convertible, the other a hardtop with desert gears and a built way over 500 HP+ engine, and high lift cam. Still dream about adventures in that car, 40 years later! It had the same Ralley II wheels as the red Firebird above. I current have a 96 Ram Air Formula, bought new and still looks it with over 200,000 miles on it! Have essentially the same twin engines in my go fast boat.

    With a set of box wrenches and a few screwdrivers, you could fix almost anything on sixties muscle cars, they will always hold their value IMO.

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    Re: 1968 Firebird 400

    You guys should both buy copies of Jim Wagner’s book Glory Days. He was one of the real fathers of the GTO. I had a chance to get to know him a bit thru my friend Eric Schiffer who owned in infamous Royal Pontiac “Blackbird” Firebird for many years and he was a very nice man. The book is a must for anyone who loves Pontiac’s.

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    Re: 1968 Firebird 400

    Just drove it for the first time in about 9 months. She's a Rippa! Like others have said new cars have much higher HP but these old muscle cars are crazy fun to drive.
    1966 34c
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    Re: 1968 Firebird 400

    Thanks for the tip on the book, very familiar name from all the old Hotrod magazines I used to read!

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