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    32 volt Lectra San Type 1 MSD

    Raritan LST/EC
    Lectra San Type 1 MSD
    32 Volt dc

    $300 OBO
    Please make a reasonable offer.

    Never installed. All parts complete.
    32 Volt, Lectra San Type 1 MSD.
    Includes salt reservoir and all factory install parts.
    Dust covers everything.
    Perfect for old Bertram Yacht, Hatteras Yacht and other ships that use 32 volt systems that need a complete Lectra San system or to spare already installed systems.
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    Re: 32 volt Lectra San Type 1 MSD

    Please ask for more pictures or info.
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    Re: 32 volt Lectra San Type 1 MSD

    A bargain, actually. New, they are quite a bit more. And this IS new.

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    Re: 32 volt Lectra San Type 1 MSD

    I have 3 heads on my boat. Can I pipe them all to this unit or is a unit required for each head?

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    Re: 32 volt Lectra San Type 1 MSD

    Quote Originally Posted by jim rosenthal View Post
    A bargain, actually. New, they are quite a bit more. And this IS new.
    I have to remind all, This is a new unit of an old model.
    It is still a deal.

    I purchased it for my boat years ago. It was NOS then.
    I just never installed it.

    Please contact Raritan for any questions.

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    Re: 32 volt Lectra San Type 1 MSD

    I am very interested in buying if I can do all 3 heads on this unit. I will contact them on Monday if some of our members don't answer prior.

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    Re: 32 volt Lectra San Type 1 MSD

    Hi I would like to purchase this from you. Please give me a call to set up the transaction.
    Feel free to call or email whichever you prefer.

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    Re: 32 volt Lectra San Type 1 MSD

    Holding tanks or flow-through treatment devices became mandatory in the early 1970s. Since Fanfare was built prior to this time I did not think there was space for a holding tank (I have since fitted one of about 25 gallons under the bow stateroom). I originally had three 12v LectraSans, one for each head. I considered using just one unit for the master and guest heads but Raritan recommended not doing this. Not only would a malfunction put TWO toilets out of action (TOTALLY unacceptable to the Admiral!!!) but I suspect that the treatment process to kill bacteria could not be done in less time. The treatment process probably takes 4-6 flushes to transfer waste from the macerator to the second stirring chamber to overboard. Both chambers contain electrical plates to produce chlorine (hypochlorous acid) from the salt in sea water to kill germs. I read several independent tests reporting zero coliform bacteria in the final effluent. The nitrogen content was said to be equivalent to that produced from a single oak tree leaf. But I think this takes a certain amount of time marinating in the chlorine to be effective.

    Unfortunately the rules controlling MSDs have not been updated since the '70s. Compare this to the improvement in auto emissions controls over this period. Lower emissions, more power, improved mileage. The versions of LectraSan and LectraScan seem also to have improved but are illegal in many states/counties/cities/harbors due to antiquated no discharge rules, even for our treated sewage, which are proliferating everywhere. I changed our guest head to run into our tiny 25 gallon holding tank to accommodate these no discharge zones but even with just two of us aboard we require a pump out about twice a week, daily with guests. There are almost no pump out stations in the Bahamas and last spring in the Florida Keys before corona virus several marinas told us their units were broken. Returning through the Keys in early May most marinas were completely closed by decree makin it difficult to get diesel much less a pump out--even in the Florida Keys where every place is in a no-discharge zone. Fortunately we got home with our little holding tank unfilled!

    Over time all of my units have been replaced. They hold up quite well in use. There are two motors, a larger one for the macerator, smaller for the stirrer. Mine are mounted so the tops are a little above the waterline so the shafts don't seem to leak. Every couple year I send them to Raritan for inspection and a rebuild. They have been great for preserving the environment in the Bahamas. Wish we could use them in the Keys!

    Happy to answer any questions about them.
    Jim Grove, Fanfare 1966 50MY Hull #22 (Delivered Jan. 7, 1966)

    "LIFE IS JUST ONE DAMNED THING AFTER ANOTHER." Frank Ward O'Malley, Journalist, Playwright 1875-1932

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    Re: 32 volt Lectra San Type 1 MSD

    Thank you for your interest.
    The MSD sold last night.

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