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Thread: Battery Charger

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    Battery Charger

    I have a battery bank at 32 volt and 765 Amp Hour. I now have the outback inverter/battery Charger, and it works great. The outback in a 30 amp charger. We anchor out a lot and will be spending the summer on a mooring this summer. I am looking for a larger charger, 100 watt or so..
    The outback does a great job, but at 30 amps it takes too long to bring the batteries up to full running the generator.. My hope is that , with a larger charger, I could run the generator for 1-2
    hours a day and bring the batteries up close to full. I also have 480 watts of solar, which is not enough, but does a good job of supplementing the generator run time.

    anyone know of a high output charger..


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    Re: Battery Charger

    One of our forum members is a Victron dealer. Did you mean 100 amp? I would probably look at them, or Magnums.

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    Re: Battery Charger

    Yes. 100 amp. Thanks for catching that..

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    Re: Battery Charger

    You may have a setting wrong, I think the Outbacks are 50 Amps at 32 volts. Remember a lot of the higher amp output chargers may be rated at 12 volts, not 32. John
    Mahalo V
    1974 53 Motoryacht
    Hull Number 406
    San Diego, Ca.

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    Re: Battery Charger

    The Outback actually goes up to 75amps at 32v. It will pull a full 20amps of 120v input if set right.
    Sky Cheney
    1985 53EDMY, Hull #CN759, "Rebecca"
    ELYC on White Lake--Montague, MI

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    Re: Battery Charger

    Thanks , I will give outback a call tomorrow and check to see what I need to do..

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    Re: Battery Charger

    I looked up the Outback 32 Inverter/Charger.. VFX3232M.. Unfortunately this Unit has been discontinued.. I did find a spec sheet, and the battery charger output is 45 Amp..

    Better than I thought, but still not large enough for what I am thinking..

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    Re: Battery Charger

    I'd suggest 10% of Amp hours for charging.

    Lead acid needs a lot of juice to top off. LiFePo is more forgiving but there's no 32 volt version i know of.
    41C117 "Hattatude"
    Port Canaveral Florida.

    When I want your opinion I'll give it to you?

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    Re: Battery Charger

    You have 765AH at 32V?

    What kind of battery and how many do you have? Rolls / Lead?
    That would be the equivalent of about (18) 12V 110AH battery's?

    Analytic system have some 45Amp system, may have a few larger ones. But your most likely looking at 220 chargers (Or a charger per bank). Assuming you on shore power, my 53 only takes in 40 amps, 50 max per 120 leg (I believe). My generator may go up to 60 amps AC. So- I would also be concerned that if your trying to charge your battery at 100amp 32, what is left over for your systems.

    Also- most of the original generators also had a 32V battery charger, right?

    Do you have concerns that if your charger at 100amp with a generator powered charger, and you fire up your alternators pumping out another 60-100amps, and you have your outback your feed more amps that your battery want.... Let alone the wire. I know my battery like a certain range of charge, more than that they over heat.

    At the price of a 50-100 amp charger you could also get another outback.
    I have 2 outbacks passing through 60 Amps from the 120V AC and charging at 30Amps each.
    If you could find another 32V outback you would double your inverting and charging.

    You can change the outback charge levels in the Mate controller. You may have to go to the settings with the admin code (4##). I have a spare original Mate control. I think it's with me on the boat, may be home in the shop.

    All said, you should also call Scott. He is pretty good.
    1977 53' MY Hull #492

    Barnegat lighthouse, LBI NJ

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    Re: Battery Charger

    I will second the above. You are probably adding all of your 8v batteries up and you have 765AH @ 8v which is 192AH at 32v. If you do indeed have that large of a bank, I'm jealous!
    1978 60C "Reel Action" Hull number 4 (304), 1986 36 Sedan "El Dorado" Hull Number 24 (324)

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