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    Re: Help with bleeding steering 58LRC

    Capilano by SeaStar is heavy duty system. Similar to Hynautic in principal however,Capilano does not have a seperate reservoir. The upper helm is where you fill & purge like you already did.
    Here is a link for a manual that may help.

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    Re: Help with bleeding steering 58LRC

    I prefer the 3 line Hynuatic style system to the 2 line Seastar system. The hynuatic naturally allows self bleeding over time and is easier to do a complete system bleed/flush if air gets in.

    With hynautic, you literally just open the two bleed valves and turn the steering wheel. No mess, no need to hook up a hose with fluid and watch bubbles, etc.
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    Re: Help with bleeding steering 58LRC

    The Capilano system on my vessel is a 3 line system.

    The bleeding process we attempted yesterday has had huge improvements. May need to re-do it again tonight and next day until all the bubbles of air are gone (if any).

    Thanks to all for the assistance

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