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    Re: Looking for a "Palm Beach" condition yacht fish or classic 48-58

    Having a bow thruster was a deal breaker for us when we were shopping. Now they only time it gets used is to help the admiral to get the bow line tight without effort on her part.
    Dave & Trina
    1989 60MY HATDK310
    Racine/Ft. Lauderdale

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    Re: Looking for a "Palm Beach" condition yacht fish or classic 48-58

    I wonder why the Ex Starfire went back on the market so soon to the previous sale? Gorgeous boat that I'd briefly considered. Lucky Chuck is double ending commission on that boat in a few short years!

    In any event, unless Tom East actually wants to sell his 58 (excellent choice and example of "Palm Beach" condition) you'll have a tough time finding a classic Hatteras without any projects or restoration work to do in the exact form you're looking for...
    Be prepared to do some of the projects or have them done...not cheap.

    Agree that any good classic Hatteras deserves to be treated with the respect they deserve to maintain the stature they held and hopefully continue to hold among all the new "condo style" new boats hitting the market with toys and joysticks that I'm sure make most of us in this Forum cringe...

    It's so nice to come across boats like the Ex Starfire and see them in their glory.

    I wish I had some suggestions other than find a good solid one that hasn't been modified to the point of original recognition; and start restoring her with refined updates, maintenance and some new electronics...

    And to add to the discussion and comments on bow/stern thrusters; agree - I've never had any trouble under any conditions using twins to dock or maneuver - learn the tricks of using twins and thrusters are not necessary.
    They are more like the new home must haves "stainless appliances and granite counter tops" - nice but not necessary. My $.02.

    Good luck with your search!

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