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    '05 35 Cabo - Where does the "Always On" ECM Get Power From?

    Trying to find out where the ECM Always On studs (Pictured with arrows attached) are connected to their constant supply. I know it's not directly to the batteries as they are all 4 gauge wiring in the battery box and when trying to trace them, I can't see well enough into the area behind the Cabo symbol with all the red breakers and main wiring to locate them, hence my question.

    Been having some issues with motor staying running and the thought is the ECM is losing power when running making the SmartCraft gauges and motor just die instantly.

    I hooked a voltmeter to them and sometimes they read 14+ volts (when shore power/battery charger or engine is on) and other times it only reads 10 or 11 volts while batteries are all 12.5, when shore power/batter charger is off.

    Thanks in advance,

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  2. Re: '05 35 Cabo - Where does the "Always On" ECM Get Power From?

    Have you fixed the problem already?

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    Re: '05 35 Cabo - Where does the "Always On" ECM Get Power From?

    Good question - I was waiting for this weekend to pass to see if this issue comes back as I'll be taking the boat out again before reporting back.

    I went through almost all of the electrical stuff I could get my hands on and unplugged, replugged, unscrewed/unbolted put back together, used Dremel with an abrasive to clean contacts, the works.

    I undid and redid the FireBoy, the Glendinnings, etc. and started her up, ran her a few times and no issue. But the weather was warm...not sure if maybe, somehow, it's a cold weather problem.

    Since I didn't come across something obvious I am still unsure if fixed. The real problem, if you can call it that, is that everything is so neat and zip tied up that you can't just unscrew something, get a couple inches of wire to make it easy to clean or whatever. They also do such a good job keeping things out of sight, I can't access everything I'd like to without major major digging, so putting that off. That will be next step if the issue comes back.

    I don't know why the voltage drop at the ECM yet either, but will check that again Saturday and if it's low I will run my own fused wire to it from a battery direct. I assume it's to some distribution point now, but just can't trace it all the way.

    I also thought the breaker on the panel for the ignition maybe as the problem but haven't done anything about that yet either since the issue is gone at the moment.

    Thanks for asking,


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