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    Re: How much raw water?

    Im with RAC. I have a 2" electric pump with plenty of hose. It came in handy when the Sea Tow boat almost sank at my dock. Once we put 7 people on the bow to raise the stern above the water level the pumps quickly got her afloat


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    Re: How much raw water?

    Quote Originally Posted by jim rosenthal View Post
    Ralph, is the pump the kind where the means to turn it on is also mechanical, like right on the pump?
    Lever rite on the pump. Picture below. Yes, I know a clamp is missing...

    I used to managed a Chines built 80 (POS) with an electric pump clutch. 2" lines pushed a nice fire hose. I had to rig a bell to the switch so all knew the pump was on or the coil would burn up, again, again, again...
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    Re: How much raw water?

    I just went through this while repowering the company boat, a Donzi 54. It had a three inch ball valve teed after the main sea cock on each engine directed to the bilge for dewatering a flooding engine room. I think if your emergency bilge pump canít keep up you better abandon ship but what bothered me more was the idea that I have two three inch open holes to the ocean if someone was just pissed at me. By the time the alarms go off and help arrives, figures out the problem and how to stop it, This boat is on the bottom. For a trans oceanic boat maybe but for near shore I donít think so. I took em out.

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    Re: How much raw water?

    I used to have a crash pump , belt driven with an electric clutch on one main engine. It was in such bad shape that I took it off. I also had a gasoline driven crash pump . It was also in a bad state, living on a boat can be hard for any equipment not designed for marine use. I got rid of it too, mainly because I donít carry enough gasoline to run it for long. And I donít want to carry much gasoline at all. But I did use the the dedicated thru hull fitting. I got the largest diaphragm pump that Jabsco made , 10 gal per minute, one inch fittings. I plumbed it to several bilges, mainly to use when air conditioning strainers are cleaned . This saves carrying 5 gal buckets of water up out of the boat as the bilge pumps leave quite a bit of water in the bilge. Good for emptying shower sumps too.
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