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    Re: Let us introduce ourselves.....

    That a heli pad on the back? (Kidding, but that's one huge swim platform..... )
    1978 53' Motor Yacht "LADY KAY V"
    Hull number 524
    Chesapeake Bay

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    Re: Let us introduce ourselves.....

    Mike, Korrie, and Natalie:

    Welcome to the group. This is a helpful group with a lot of institutional knowledge. I had not been on recently until last week. Sorry about the unpleasantness in your early days with the group; very atypical.

    If you are causing the Texas Gulf the first weekend in November, please join us for the 2020 Texas Hatteras Rendezvous in Seabrook, which is off Galveston Bay on Clear Lake near the Johnson Space Center between Houston and Galveston. This will be our 10th & it is a very friendly group.

    The 53' YF is a great boat. We almost bought one when we were shopping for our second boat ~1983. I would have saved a lot of money if I had bought that one since may still have had it. 


    1993 67’ CE, FH605
    Seabrook, TX

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    Re: Let us introduce ourselves.....

    Congrats on the new purchase and welcome.
    There is a lot of Good Info here but most important have met members here that are now some of my Best friends.
    End Of The Line II
    1967 34C

    EOTL II Rebuild Web Page

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    Re: Let us introduce ourselves.....

    Quote Originally Posted by Freeebird View Post
    I would like to know why posts on this thread have been removed.
    Me too. I made all this popcorn, and now what am I going to do with it?

    --- The poster formerly known as Scrod ---

    I want to live in Theory, everything works there.

    1970 36C375

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