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    Onan mdl4 heat exchanger

    Another member here in need of an exhaust man/ heat exchanger. I know the chances are slim, but if anyone has a lead on one, please let me know. Unit is great otherwise. Hate to use it as an anchor!

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    Re: Onan mdl4 heat exchanger

    This guy had one, it was two years ago though. Not sure if he still has It. His number is 727 420 5792

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    Re: Onan mdl4 heat exchanger

    Thanks. Iíll give him a call.

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    Re: Onan mdl4 heat exchanger

    this is a great forum full of super knowledgable gentleman if you should happen to need a site for assistance. I am a member and posted a request for your heat exchanger in the used parts section. If you choose to become a member I'll remove the request and let you take over

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    Re: Onan mdl4 heat exchanger

    Thanks for your help. I will look at the site and let you know if I join.

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