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Thread: Windos

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    Looking for some info on installing plexiglass slide windows on aft deck 1979 53 Hatteras Motor yacht any info on any company in n.y

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    Re: Windos

    I have your same boat. Same year and model however I have canvas and isinglass Enclosure. I have friends that went from Safety glass to plexiglass. They regretted it. The plastic scratches so easy and doesn’t stay the firm shape that glass has. By the way what hull number do you have. You can add it to your signature line. Mine is 563.
    1979 53' MY Hull #563
    Antioch, California

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    Re: Windos

    I did plexiglass side and back window on my 53MY about 3 years ago. They were ok for awhile then I started getting crazing in some so I called my plexi supplier and they said that all the tinted stuff now comes from China and is crap, they suggested using clear which is still made in US and put tinting film on it. I have decided to go to real glass next time, lot easier to clean and maintain. As Rusty said you have to be very careful of the plexi or it will scratch.
    Mahalo V
    1974 53 Motoryacht
    Hull Number 406
    San Diego, Ca.

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    Re: Windos

    Thank you for info was wondering if anyone had any photos on side windows what was used for tracks

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