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Thread: Naiad 252

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    Naiad 252

    I need an actuator for a 252 naiad stabilizer. Anyone have any used parts around or know of a system being removed? New part is available but, of course, it’s not cheap!
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    Re: Naiad 252

    I don't know what you were quoted for new but a good hydraulics shop may be able to rebuild it or make new parts for it for less. Take it off and take it in and see what they say.
    Sky Cheney
    1985 53EDMY, Hull #CN759, "Rebecca"
    ELYC on White Lake--Montague, MI

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    Re: Naiad 252

    I am not near the boat so I thought I would investigate options. Repair is certainly one option if I can get to FL!

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    Re: Naiad 252

    Niad quoted $1500 at least 10 years ago. I went to another stabilizer shop and they rebuilt it for $450. When the other actuator started leaking,I went to a hydraulic shop ,$225 they also polished the shaft and pressure tested it. The $1500 quote was for a new actuator.
    61 MY 1983 #341
    Miami , FL

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    Re: Naiad 252

    I bought the rebuild kit from Niad.. bunch of rubber seals... can't remember how much it was, but it must have been cheap, or I'd remember.. as others have mentioned, any hydraulics shop can rebuild it.

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    Re: Naiad 252

    From the look of the rod, going to take more than seals.

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    Re: Naiad 252

    I got a quote of $930 directly from naiad. They have them in stock. My shaft looks like it is shot. I was hoping to have one on hand to do the swap in one session. Still looking. New may be the way to go but by the looks of things with the Chinese Virus, I have some time to look!

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    Re: Naiad 252

    May have two weeks for sure if the rumors are true of a nationwide lock down starting as early as Sunday.
    Sky Cheney
    1985 53EDMY, Hull #CN759, "Rebecca"
    ELYC on White Lake--Montague, MI

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