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    Re: Need Help Removing Internal Sea Strainer

    Pascal you beat me to the inspect at the least and or replace the thru hull and sea cock suggestion.
    We've changed all of ours, after eliminating many of them.
    1966 HAT50C101
    Purchased 1985 12v71Ns
    Repowered 1989 with 8v92TI
    Repowered 2001 with 3406E

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    Re: Need Help Removing Internal Sea Strainer

    Almost finished. Enough of the strainer plumbing is removed. One nipple and 30 degree elbow remain. They would not move and there seems no need to remove them.
    The fittings were all bronze and there was no evident corrosion. It appears that bedding material made disassembly challenging.
    After removing the paint from the threads I used PB Blaster and later tried a penetrating oil named Kroil. It was highly recommended, but I wonder if either oil made much difference.

    The strainer frames were removed with nipples and elbows still attached. I removed them from the frames at the house where I had room to work. They seemed immovable to leverage but gave way to impact. Hitting the pipe wrench with a 16 oz hammer made things give.

    Thanks for the good advice.
    Vincent Castigliola
    Lilly Marie - 43 DC 1983
    Pascagoula, Mississippi

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    Re: Need Help Removing Internal Sea Strainer

    Most likely bedded them with 5200
    1979 53' MY Hull #563
    Antioch, California

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