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Thread: Digital Gauges

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    Re: Digital Gauges

    Cool. Let us know what the gauges look like on the iPhone. $285 is not bad for a NMEA-2000 WiFi interface with built in server.
    1978 53' MY Hull #529
    Viera, FL

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    Re: Digital Gauges

    On SYDNEY Harbour yesterday.....
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    1984 61MY #353 with 9' cockpit extension.

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    Re: Digital Gauges

    1978 53' MY Hull #529
    Viera, FL

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    Re: Digital Gauges

    Great summary and detail - this thread needs to be memorialized in the archive. And more importantly, Congratulations on completing this ambitious project.

    Chuck B; Chartmaker
    Captain Chuck Bullett; W1AEK
    Chartmaker 1978 53MY
    On-Air 2014 31 Benetau Oceanis Sloop

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    Hey Photolomy,

    Thanks for the tips! I had been trying to calibrate only with the MD33 calibration tool. Using the CBPort made it much easier. I did find out that my temperature senders are 0-5V, I think you mentioned the "narrow range" in your post. Anyway, I was able to get them pretty close. Cold was 4.6V = 81.6F and warmed up at the dock, was 1.9V = 113F, or something like that. Need to go out for a test run and see how they work at operating range. Hopefully works out so we don't have to look into replacing stuff to get 0-12V readings.

    Interface between CBPort, Calibration utility and the MD33 was pretty good and consistent. After calibrating values, I wanted to check on Alarm settings and communication started dropping out. After some re-starts and a few other tries, I gave up. Will work on thet later.

    Thanks again!

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