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Thread: Hatteras 36c

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    Hatteras 36c

    Hey guys Iím new to this group, I purchased a 1970 Hatteras 36c that is in really good condition other then a few cosmetic things but what can you expect on a 49 year old boat. I was just curious if anyone on here owns a 36c and had a spec sheet or a build sheet on the boat, and also what you love about the 36c. Any input would be great. Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Hatteras 36c

    I've owned my 1976 36c gasser for 25 years and love it.
    PM me.....I know it inside and out and can share info if needed.
    1976 36C Hatteras
    Catawba Island, OH

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    Re: Hatteras 36c

    I have had mine since I think 1990 or 1991, I forget which. What specific information are you looking to find?

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    Re: Hatteras 36c

    Don't have the specs, but my first boat was a 1975 36c, that had been repowered with 440hp yanmar diesels. The boat would cruise 28 knots, in fact, so fast, the engines broke loose from the stringers. Unfortunately, I learned that the hard way when trying to sell the boat. It is a big 36 footer though, and was great in rough seas. Congrats!

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